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The Mission + The Story + The Life

Welcome to the #lapaulhair Blog!

The Mission:

In simple terms, my mission is to be a voice in beauty. To guide others to understand that they are the most beautiful when they think they are the most beautiful.

To set expectation free.

The Story:

At 15 I was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata. Small little round patches of hairloss. An unpredictable autoimmune disease that would bring me to a world of insecurities, and then eventually power.

I was given several very uncomfortable sounding "solutions" that I was told may or may not help. That may help for a while, but the hair could fall out in other areas at the same time. Side effects too? No thanks! Grew back without solutions and moved on.

At 21 I lost more hair again. I remember vividly being on public transit in Vancouver and never sitting down if it meant that someone could see the top of my head. I spent A LOT of time standing at the back of the bus or being paranoid that someone might think I have something contagious and judge me. Truth was, NOBODY CARED. Looking back I was loved. There was a lot of abundance through all struggles I was facing. #stress

Let's bring it to the dirty 30's. Get your head out of the gutter, I think you know what happened next. I lost a lot more hair this time. A few buddies showed up...Depression, Grief, Anxiety to name a few. On the flip side there was also Joy, Love, Freedom, Power and Peace.


The lessons that came with losing my hair were life changing. I work in the hair industry behind the chair, I am a rep for an incredible hair company as well. To say that I am obsessed with hair is an understatement. I LOVE hair. I love the people that are attached to the hair, and the people who have no hair attached to them!

Losing hair brought me freedom to be me at my core. It has taught me how to love my own essence and help nurture and service those who invite me into their lives. I am grateful for the people who showed me love when I got vulnerable and shared my head shave on social media. That was scary and liberating all at the same time. I cried. You cried. We all cried. My life forever changed. My relationships grew because I was AUTHENTICALLY ME.

Today I sit here writing because my story has impact, just like yours does and I want to hear it. I want to be inspired by YOU. What are your thoughts on sending me an email? Are you open to sharing your story? Whether you have overcome something or are in the thick of it, doesn't need to be losing your hair. I'll be clear...

I will not fix you. I will be here for you. I want to cheer you on and to watch you level up!

In The Life:

Since becoming more open about this autoimmune disease I was bombarded with "fixes". Diet plans, Supplement plans, Topicals... The whole nine yards. The most common topic I was asked is if it was stress related and how I keep stress at bay. Fact is, I am human and stress is inevitable. Finding your bounce back method is KEY.

I use the following practice to ground myself. Perhaps it could help for you!

How do you want to feel? Write down as many examples as you can think of. I wrote 5 of my fav's.

I want to feel:

1. Happy

2. Healthy 3. Gratitude

4. Ease

5. Love

Have you ever taken a moment to write down 5 things you WANT to feel? Go ahead and do that. If you feel inspired keep going! Write as many words as you can.

Those words feel good to look at hey? Nurture those words and you will find abundance in any your life.

Wow, that is POWERFUL! How do you do that?

I had to brush my ego aside and get help with this! This practice was brought into my life through this incredible human. She has helped me through my hair loss journey, my marriage, and most importantly finding myself. Best part is that you do not need to be local to benefit from her services.

Find Melanie Here:

Thank you for reading my first ever blog post! Follow me on IG @lapaulhair & don't forget to email me your story!

Love and Light, Shine Bright!



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