LaPaul Hair Spa

Tentatively set to open June 1, 2020


First, a big thank you!

It has been quite a wait for many of you, and your patience is appreciated! 

Work Safe BC has not yet provided mandatory regulations for hairdressers yet. I am working on my own to keep the salon safe for you as I wait.


If you did not know, in 2003 hairdressing was deregulated in BC, and I have had personal experience with rashes and chemical burns from lack of salon cleanliness. Whether you agree with the new rules or not, it’s time for this industry to see changes to better the standards! 


Some things you can expect to experience with me are:

Virtual consultations before your appointment. 

Waiting in the pretty parking scenery until I wave you in. Go ahead and bring a lawn chair if you’d like!

I have spaced 30 minutes before and after each client for extra sanitation practices. 


Capes and Robes have always been single use and sinks have always been disinfected before and after each use. There has also always been an air purifier running. 


My space is small, so I will vacuum, and disinfect all tools and surfaces before I wave you in. Sanitation takes time, and I appreciate your patience!

Please bring your own mask, if you do not have one I am happy to provide one to you. (I expect this will be in our regulations)

For anyone interested in hair services once the salon does re-open,  We will be going over all of these details [and more] in your virtual consultations.


I know this is a new concept, and guarantee it will be SO nice to connect in a new way. 

I understand that many of you have your concerns regarding safety, and want you to know that I am fully understanding if you choose to avoid salon services at this time. 


Please, if you do not feel safe going to a salon at this time, honour that. I am happy to re-open my doors for the people who would like the service, and respect those who feel safest at home. 


Lots of love,


Taya Lamb-Paul