Alopecia Academy was created to ACTUALLY help people. 


To help you take control and master your alopecia diagnosis the way YOU want to.

I used to hide. I used to cry alone. I used to feel shame, grief, and was doing it all alone. 

The appointments would come and go, and I never felt comfortable with the answers they gave.

"Try this, it may or may not work. You may experience hair growth only to have it fall out again. There may or may not be side effects." -No thanks

Endless online searching, coming home from appointments feeling deflated and uneasy. Helpless. 


I was ALWAYS searching for "the fix".

Searches led me to many posts about depression, and I didn't want the pity party. Other posts led me to believe I needed a wig or make-up to fit into the box of beauty expectations. 

A seasoned hairstylist in love with all things hair struggling with hair loss. Deciding to go against the social normalities of beauty standards? Wait, what?

It was confusing times to say the least, and I was able to navigate through it. I have mastered my alopecia diagnosis, and want to help you get there too!


If I can do it, so can YOU!

You'll be on your way to mastering your alopecia and most importantly...

Owning your beauty [without relying on your physical identity] to do it.

Here is a FREE GUIDE to help you begin your journey.



Have questions? Would you like to learn more about wigs and alternative hair? No shame in that! Just because I want you to feel confident with your alopecia diagnosis doesn't mean that I don't love myself some hair!
 Want to share your story confidentially?

Email me! 

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