Taya began her career in hair design over ten years ago. As a musician, she has always been fascinated by the physical and emotional expression of individual identity. Her interest in performance was further ignited when she was studying music at Selkirk College. Upon observing the backstage experience, Taya was amazed by the energy that surfaced from getting stage-ready. The confidence that came from the makeup, hair, and wardrobe process was like nothing she had seen before. This discovery led her to pursue education and training in hair design at Blanche MacDonald, in Vancouver, BC. Shortly after graduating, she launched her career at Opus Salon in Yale Town, Vancouver. Longing to establish her own family in the Kootenays, Taya moved back to her hometown of Castlegar and worked at Waves on the Lake in Nelson, BC.

Taya’s entrepreneurial spirit drove her to launch her own business, and in 2014, she founded LaPaul Hair Spa. Running her own business has allowed her the capacity to pursue her creativity and develop a holistic approach to hair design. She strives to provide services that honor all aspects of the individual, accounting for the emotional, environmental, physical, and transformational components of hair design.

Taya’s quest for perfection drives her to pursue ongoing education and to meet the unique needs of each client. Over the years, she has worked to provide thorough customer care and has systems in place to care for clients in between services. In recent years, inspired by her own experience with alopecia areata, Taya gained more imitate experience with how to navigate hair loss. She has been working with the hair loss community to bring awareness and enliven confidence in others. Taya is currently adding to her repertoire by offering alternative hair services and products to serve the hair-loss community and other clients seeking alternative hair care. When asked what she is most known for, Taya’s response is: “Helping people bring their vision of beauty to life.”